Sanitized Spirit

You can’t sanitize you spirit. Some instant rub on religion that cleans you up, cold brew coffee and minimalist backpack that you carry around like your savior. Authentic simplicity comes not from you style or instagram skills. Sanitize your sin with clean and simple hipster christianity and come your cold brew coffee turns luke warm, […]

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The Invitation

The invitation By Hope Curran The invitation arrived through the slit of the door. Hand addressed and with a seal stamped in wax. The fancy kind. The calligraphy and color announced the celebration of a birth. A newborn baby. Mixed with the christmas catalogues, coupons, big savings and consumer cravings. Arrived just in time. You’ve […]

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The Seed

A little rose bud spent her life growing in a small terracotta pot on a sheltered porch, started as a seed in soil and was watered and given the right amount of sunlight and shade for 22 years. She could now feel the pot was getting a bit too small, next to her was another […]

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Hello dear, We dream similar dreams and have similar life themes. God has grow us in the same soil, different pots and climates but the same nutrients and sunshine cause us to bloom. Lately there’s been heavy rains, winds that blow us to and fro. Our sunshine seems to come and go… but look up […]

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